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Pixel Stains on Virgin Plasma

a personal apocalypse of heosphoros Iacchus

Tau Heosphoros Iacchus
4 November 1960
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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Bisexuality is Real.

Mediocribus esse poetis non homines, non di, non concessere columnae.

I self identify as practitioner of the Left Hand Path, a Gnostic Luciferian, and, most of all, a Magician. I’ve been a student of The Occult, practicing Ceremonial Magician, member of the Thelemic and Neo-Pagan communities for over 25 years. I am a former Wiccan priest, was a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis for 16 years, an OTO past master, served as an ordained Priest of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (Gnostic Catholic Church) for almost ten years, and have lectured on Magick and Neo-Paganism in Atlanta and at the University of Georgia. On 10/3/1998 I was consecrated a Gnostic Bishop in the Doinel line, and cross consecrated with the lines of succession held by Tau Michael Bertiaux on 4/30/05.
I am currently focused on the exploration of a coherent system built upon the concepts of Metaphysical Kinship, the transmission of ecclesiastical powers, ecstatic ritual, spirit work (including Afro-Diasporic practices, as well as Solomonic and Renaissance Ceremonial Magick), sexual magick, and the Gnostic Voudon system of Michael Bertiaux with special emphasis on the Point Chaud empowerments.
I’m very happily married to peristera and the proud father of a 25 year old son and an 21 year old step-daughter.

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